A few words about us

Samer Nassar & Associates is one of the first and leading privately owned international consulting firms established in the country since 1992 specializing in providing suitable and comprehensive suite of business solutions and diversified finance facilities, both equity and debt, to local and overseas clients from all fields of business and industry. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Since our establishment, the company has successfully weathered the storms and continued to grow from strength-to-strength, capitalizing on its knowledge and experience.

The greatest demand of entrepreneurs today is to break through the barriers that prevent access to markets, capital, information, knowledge, resources and professional people. We put our firm's business activities at your fingertips .Whether your business needs and objectives are simple or complex, we have the experience, expertise and the worldwide contacts needed to answer all your business needs in a timely and professional manner.

Throughout the world, from Europe and North America to the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and South America and Africa, in virtually every business sector from power, construction and manufacturing to retail, leisure and health, there is a demand for finance.

We work for clients in all these markets, in terms of both business area and geographical location, and are fully conversant with the different approaches necessary to maximize a project’s potential for success.

It goes without saying that viability and management expertise are essential ingredients of a successful approach for capital: two other key aspects that can have a direct bearing on the outcome are presentation and existing contacts.  

What we offer

We work on a global scale, providing strategic advice and fundingto clients of all sizes, in every sector of business and industry. However, our basic principle remains the same; to provide the service appropriate to a particular client’s requirements, wherever in the world they may be. For many clients this involves analyzing and, when necessary, restructuring a project to ensure that it’s full potential is realized. For others, we simply provide guidance on the most suitable route to take, making use of the long-standing relationships we have with many of the world’s leading business financiers. The commercial and business knowledge that exists within the company means we are often called upon to offer more than just financial guidance. By becoming more closely involved through an entrepreneurial interest and by enhancing a client’s team with our own particular business skills, we have successfully contracted joint venture projects totally in excess of US$ 2 billion. This approach is not appropriate to every project, either from our point of view or the client’s perspective, but the administrative, marketing and managerial skills are available when a mutually beneficial opportunity exists.

Making full use of long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading business financiers, clients are given expert guidance on the most appropriate means of raising capital.

From the preparation of business plans and feasibility studies to the implementation of the completed concept, this highly flexible service is limited only by client requirements. With our professional team and worldwide network of associates, which includes, CPA, lawyers, business and financial professionals, we will provide you with tools, services, resources and just-in-time solutions you will need with excellent back up whenever needed. Back-up support will not only increase efficiency but will enable many first time applicants to put forward viable projects and many successful and unique business opportunities. We provide clients with a complete suite of first class services worldwide on competitive and flexible terms.

The company places no restrictions on global location, industry or sector. There is a preferred minimum transaction value of US$1 million, while there is no upper limit.

Why Choose Us

In playing an advisory role, the fundamental components of our business is combining sound and effective lending practices to provide quality investment advice supported by a professional team.

In supporting our customers, we have the capacity to provide more facets of both commercial and financing services and do so in a specialized and responsive manner. It is this combination of banking services that makes us the choice of a wide range of clients.

The team of our professionals has a highly successful track record and extensive experience in the world's main financial markets. The team is dedicated to providing efficient and innovative services and related financing services tailored to meet the client's requirements.

As professional consultants, we focus on the quality of the clients we work with rather than their quantity.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your business and financial needs, and to discover how we can bring the benefits of to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify, structure and introduce comprehensive business and financial solution packages to individuals and corporations requiring our help and support to meet with their business and financial needs and objectives in a professional manner.

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