Finance Solutions List

Through our established relationships with capital sources, we are in a position to offer a wide range of finance facilities. The available financing solutions differ depending on the client's financial needs and the transaction type involved.

Generally, we offer a full range of finance facilities on a global basis including:

Commercial Real Estate Finance

Residential Real Estate Finance

Bridge Finance

Mezzanine Finance

Asset Based Finance

Franchise Finance

Term Loans

Venture Capital



Inventory Finance

Equipment Finance

Yacht/Aircraft Finance

Italian Import Incentives Program Finance

US Emerging Markets Finance

Financing Against Major Instruments

Financing through Major European Banks

Financing in Sub-Saharan Africa

Credit Guarantees for Local Currency Finance

Services Overview

We have identified several key sectors which we are actively involved in to provide our clients with a fully integrated, personalized business and financing solutions. . These areas of interest were assessed according to the fluctuating fortunes of the overall international business environment. The firm's activities are focused in five core areas that include:

Financing Services: We advise and suggest the best suitable financing solutions to a business as per its financial needs and goals. These suggestions are designed to maximize the results while minimizing, both the expenses incurred and the time spend in searching and securing the suitable financing solutions. By this, we are making use of our long experience and long-standing relationships with many financing sources worldwide. We offer a full package of international financing services.

Business Plans Writing/Restructuring Services: Writing business plans is a very complicated process since many factors will have to be taken into consideration and the business plan should be presented in an acceptable format for better results. This job should be kept to professional writers.

Should a business plan already been written, we are ready to evaluate it and give our opinion, as well as, offer our suggestions for better improvement.

If we are asked to write a complete business plan from A to Z, our professional team that includes CPA, lawyers and business & financial professionals stands ready for this process.

Due Diligence Reporting Service: In any funding process, the lender will be in need to undertake a detailed appraisal and evaluation process called Due Diligence to gather the most critical facts and descriptive information regarding the project seeking capital.

 As a part of our business activities, we provide lenders with the due diligence reporting service. Normally, after we examine the project we will prepare a well presented and detailed written report providing depth analysis of the concerned project with those factors that can affect the lender’s final decision.

We can perform other types of due diligence as per the client’s request.

Special Services

Strategic Consulting Services: With our extensive expertise, qualified staff and international contacts, we are able to help our clients to identify, select and develop their business projects worldwide in every sector of business and industry.

We start by drafting a business profile of the company’s project defying the objectives and identifying the best methods of their implementation within a fixed time frame that can ensure the best required results. A full support will be provided during the implementation process.

Representation Services: We can represent individuals and companies interested in exploring new business opportunities, like international expansion, negotiation with overseas governmental agencies and companies of every type of business and industry. Our representation services exceed many aspects and fields of business.

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