Finance Solutions List

Through our established relationships with capital sources, we are in a position to offer a wide range of finance facilities. The available financing solutions differ depending on the client's financial needs and the transaction type involved.

Generally, we offer a full range of finance facilities on a global basis including:

Commercial Real Estate Finance

Residential Real Estate Finance

Bridge Finance

Mezzanine Finance

Asset Based Finance

Franchise Finance

Term Loans

Venture Capital



Inventory Finance

Equipment Finance

Yacht/Aircraft Finance

Italian Import Incentives Program Finance

US Emerging Markets Finance

Financing Against Major Instruments

Financing through Major European Banks

Financing in Sub-Saharan Africa

Credit Guarantees for Local Currency Finance




What a Business Summary Should Include

A business summary should include the following:

  1. Why you are seeking finance?

  2. What type of business you own?

  3. How much capital will you need and for how long?

  4. What is the desired interest rate?

  5. For which purpose you do need it and how funds will be used?

  6. How the transaction will be liquidated?

  7. Is there any personal investment in the project and how much?

  8. Provide further information about yourself and your business if your business is already operating? What is your background and what management experience you will give?

  9. What is your product/service and where is you market?

  10. Is there anything special about your product/service?

  11. Can you offer suitable collateral and what is it?

  12. Is there any unusual or sensitive information related to your project?

  13. What supporting documents you have ready in your hands?

Or you may complete our Loan Application.


Finance Services Overview

We can offer capital and financial services for viable projects worldwide which are acceptable to our funding sources and our general terms and conditions as consultants. We can accept transactions which are legal and which are in accordance with the laws of the countries involved.

In co-operation with banks, trust funds, pension funds, insurance companies and their appointed associates and representatives, we can offer multiple possibilities for international project and corporate finance. We do not accept military or military related projects or projects which could endanger human life or cause environmental pollution.

Our professional team embraces a range of specialist abilities across a broad spectrum of disciplines and approaches to finance and investment as we look to the needs and perspectives of the changing world.

In playing an advisory role, the fundamental components of our business is combining sound and effective lending practices to provide quality investment advice supported by a professional team.

In supporting our customers, we have the capacity to provide more facets of both commercial and financing services and do so in a specialized and responsive manner. It is this combination of banking services that makes us the choice of a wide range of clients, and especially of medium-sized publicly held, or potentially publicly held, companies.

The team of our professionals has a highly successful track record & extensive experience in the region's main financial markets. The team is dedicated to providing efficient & innovative services & related financing tailored to meet client's requirements.

We have the direct capabilities as an appointed finance originator to structure and submit international corporate structured financing applications specializing in unconventional financing where speed and attention to special circumstances are critical.

As stated earlier, we can finance business projects in a variety of industries that have well to excellent growth potential. These types of businesses include: wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, chain restaurants and retail stores, services, business, entertainment companies, etc. We accept businesses in a wide variety of industries. Essentially, any healthy publicly or privately held corporation can qualify.

Capital generally comes in one of three sizes, short, intermediate and long. The short-term variety is usually borrowed on terms of less than one year. Intermediate capital usually is for use over a slightly longer period of time. Long-term is for a period of 10 to 30 years.

The terms of a finance facility vary with money market conditions (the availability of capital and the prevailing interest rates) and the credit worthiness of the borrower. The average cost on a larger loan tends to be lower, since administrative costs are fairly fixed and do not very greatly with the size of a loan. However, because smaller companies represent greater risks, the interest cost on a loan to a small company is to be higher than on a loan made to a larger company with a wide range of assets.

The interest rate is subject to the currency involved, period and the general rating assessed on the borrower and security that is being tendered. Such rates being calculated either on an agreed percentage over the interbank or prime rates or alternatively on a fixed rate throughout the period of the loan.

There is literally no limit to the kind of collateral that a borrower can use for a secured loan. The collateral varies with the industry of the borrower and with the willingness of the lender to accept the proposed security.

It is important to be known, that we assist borrowers in preparing and working out their applications. Besides the basic prerogatives, a well-conceived and informative business plan of a project is one of the major steps on the way to its success. For the financing success of a project a detailed and intelligent business plan is absolutely necessary.

An application that has a chance to be funded is always well-planned, carefully developed and presented. In this respect, of course, many criteria and logical thoughts play a major role.

Every financial source operates according to a policy they draw it, and it is very unlikely, that more than one or two sources will be following the same procedures. Our role is to help in preparing the business plans, or re-structuring them for a better presentable format, to get a better opportunity in obtaining the required finance. Business plans for projects that involve large amounts of money should be well prepared and structured. All business plans and/or documents should be prepared in English. Step-by-step activity guide will lead you into project completion.

We are well aware that the laws and regulations regarding lending vary from country to another and there can be a wide variation in the presentation and the legal charge in the country of origin.

As a start, we require a summary of the project. This summary should contain as much information as possible regarding the project and its owners, in a précis format and in English. Each request for funding will be treated on its own merits, regardless of the applicant credit history or the lack of information provided. Privacy is undoubtedly of personal importance to each of our clients, therefore all information and documentation supplied to us will be confidential material.

Upon receipt of your executive summary, we will evaluate all submitted information and/or documents on a top confidentiality basis and will inform you on your chances to obtain financing. If we can support your application and if you are willing to co-operate with us, the working process will commence.

Capital is available to all who need it including small entrepreneurs, new and growing companies, small, medium and major corporations. Our financing sources have many diversified funding interests, including real estate, manufacturing, services, computer, technology, energy related projects, medicine and science, etc. In another word, capital is available for all types of legal and commercial purposes.

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