Franchise Finance

The franchise business is growing rapidly as the world is getting more and more to be a little city. Taking on a franchise is an option worth considering for anyone who wants to run a business but doesn't have a specific business idea.  All franchises will require an upfront franchise fee beside the start-up costs involved.  Through our financing sources we can secure finance to cover the cost of the franchise right and the cost of establishing the project/business of the franchise.

  • Advantages of franchise loans:

  • Own a business with an international name

  • Obtain the know-how knowledge with your right franchise option

  • Build a growing business

  • Be a part of an international network

  • Build your own business with the minimum investment available

International US Franchise Finance

This type of financing is available only for franchisees willing to get a US franchise by they are short of capital. Franchise opportunities from other countries might be accepted but on a selective basis.

  • International US Franchise Finance Key Points

  • Financing available for US franchises in emerging markets

  • Financing for Master Franchises and individual franchises

  •  Customized programs available for your franchise and region

  •  Flexible financing structure based on the needs of your business

International US Franchise Benefits

  • Own a business with an international name

  •  Obtain the know-how knowledge with your right franchise option

  • Build a growing business

  •  Be a part of an international network

  •  Build your own business with the minimum investment available


US Emerging Markets Finance

Financing is available for emerging countries around the world for any US investment made in these countries on selective basis and for projects mostly supported by the US government.

US Emerging Markets Investment Finance Key Points:

  • Financing for US investment and expansion projects in emerging market countries

  • Project must have a minimum of 25% ownership by a US corporation or citizen

  • Financing projects supported by the US government

US Emerging Markets Investment finance Benefits:

  • Get the know-how and support of big American companies

  • Participate in the US government support programs for emerging markets

  • Get access to know-how and money to establish your own business and/or project


Italian Import Incentives Finance Program

We offer a unique program that provides beneficial financial solutions for the importation of industrial goods and components from Italy.

The Italian Trade Incentive Program, marketed in alliance with Confirmec in Italy, provides optimal solutions to both importers and the Italian exporters of capital equipment and/or components sourced from Italy and can provide an immediate cash discount on the transaction.

Italian Import Incentive Program Key Points:

  • Simple pre-qualification procedure

  • Prompt approval decision

  • Flexible rates, terms and structure

Italian Import Incentive Program Advantages:

  • Italy offer thousands of products

  • Italian manufacturers and exporters can grow their international sales while offering competitive payment terms

  • Buyers can grow their business by buying world-class products to compete locally or internationally

  • The program is offered to all countries including emerging market countries

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